Thursday, June 9, 2016


Hello!  I am back - I swear!  It has been a long time since posting in February 2015.  Of course life has changed and overall got better and more focused. I plan on posting more often. That is easy since it has been a year and half since I wrote last. The focus on my blogs is going to be cooking and recipes; daily life with teenagers, hubby and two dogs; Moya Moya Disease and my life dealing with it; and finally teaching adventures both past and present.

I think that is it for today. I need to hit the shower and start getting the kids from school. Shane is middle school and they get out at 11:40 and Jenan who is in high school at 12:40.  Patrick needs to stay at school to finish grades and get ready for summer school.  We have only one car and it is a challenge sometimes especially when I don't want to get into the shower and get dressed. Yes, I am still in my jammies. Oh well!  Shower time for me.

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