Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Stamp of the Month - Wicked!

Hi! I am been at home all weekend alone! I planned on paper crafting the whole time, but didn't! I read books and magazines plus caught up on my DVR'd shows (LA Ink). Yesterday I just wasn't in the mood. Today I started slow, but finally (!) finished making the 2 cards and the box shown in the catalog for August's Stamp of the Month. Next I am going to work in the Mischief Workshop-On-The-Go shown on Page 49 on the Close To My Heart Autumn/Winter catalog. I love the banner! If you don't have one, please email me and I will get you one. Hugs!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wicked - August Stamp Of The Month box

I am really trying to blog daily, and I have been on the computer for most of the day. A ton of emails going out and some reading and playing of Facebook. A lot of playing! I wanted to post a Halloween Box that we made at Consulting Club a couple of weeks ago. I joined a Consulting Club a couple of months ago to make projects I might want to make with you. Also it is nice to craft and gab at the same time. I finally get some time to myself.

I know that the pictures are upside down and side-ways. Next time they will be correct. I am still learning.

To make the box, I used the August Stamp Of The Month - Wicked; Mischief paper pack, the Light Neutral cardstock shade pack; and the opaques Licorice adhesive gems. All of these you can order for me. It was fun to make and very easy. I know it looks difficult. When I show how to make it, it is easy. I plan on filling it with Halloween candy.

For what is for dinner? I am currently using the items in my pantry, so tonight is Kansas City Steak Soup. But it is made with hamburger meat! When did hamburger meat become steak?? The soup mix I bought from last September's Cherrydale sale for St. Theresa's School. We are finally using it and adding potatoes to the soup. I am not too hopeful that it will taste good. We are trying!

Enjoy your night. Hugs!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Major Ooops!

Hi All! I wanted to share and show Shane and my major oops! These are supposed to be snickerdoodle cookies and it is a huge pancake - Shane's words. I have to agree with him. This summer I have been cooking up a storm. Two reasons: I wanted to find easy recipes that my family likes. The other reason is we are on a budget and it is much cheaper that eating out. Don't get me wrong. I love eating out but it is super expensive even McDonald's. Pat and I also realize we are better cooks than about 90% of the restaurants we go to. So I am cooking more. I don't usually post my goofs but they are part of reality. The kids says they taste good but they are very flat. I followed the recipe in my cookbook. I looked up the recipe on-line and they have you chill the dough for an hour and ours didn't. So I learned that you must chill your dough for Snickerdoodles.

I will post pictures of the Halloween box tomorrow. I promise!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello There!

Hi Friends:

I knew that it had been a long time since blogged last, but I really didn't realize that it was 2-1/2 half years. That is horrible! My new school resolution is to blog and post pictures of what I am doing. I am still a Close To My Heart consultant and loving it more and more. I am still a Stay at Home mom and liking it more and more. The not working stuff is hard to get used to and I need to keep busy.

I cook a lot more and I will post pictures of my creations - the good, the bad, and the ugly - to quote Clint Eastwood. Most of them are good and pretty. Here is a picture of Pat's birthday cake which was last Tuesday. It is super chocolatey but good. Even he said it almost has too much chocolate and I didn't think that was possible.

I am going to say Bye for now, but catch me tomorrow and see the cute Halloween box I made.