Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Am Back with a Vengeance

Hi!  I am back and will write more regularly about this and that.  The past year was very interesting and I learn a lot, probably more than what I wanted.  Last November the kids transferred to Katherine Finchy, a public school, from St. Theresa’s.  Finally the money gave out and we couldn’t do it anymore.  It was a hard pill to swallow but the kids are doing much better so we are OK.  Jenan is starting middle school at Raymond Cree and Shane returned to Finchy in the 3rd grade – GATE program. 
Starting the first week of January I was hired to home school a child that I knew and who I liked a lot.  I was helping her last year.  I forgot how difficult it was working more than a little bit.  Looking back I can’t work that much.  I was getting migraines again which cut into my time with my family.  I don’t know if I am helping her this year but I am tutoring other kids after school at my house.  If you know of anyone needing help, but pass on my info and I would be happy to help.
Why am I writing again and vowing to keep it up?  After the strokes and brain surgeries I have aphasia – word recall is difficult.  I really hate when I can’t think of a word or how it is spelled.  Super annoying!  You would think I would have this problem since the last stroke was in April, 2004 but I do.  I liked writing before, and I don’t do it much lately.  I was determined to start and follow through with it.  I am using this blog to talk about whatever is going on in my life.    I will post my art but I don’t create much now.  Homeschooling took a lot of my time and brain work.  But once school starts again, early September, I believe I will have my day free until 2 and I start the mommy train picking the kids and tutoring at the house. I plan on blogging, creating my projects, walking Zeppelin and keeping the house together during that time.  I know high hopes, and hopefully I can do it all.  I need to remeber to be nice to me. 
Talk about creating, here is a flower cupcake I made this week.  It was a project from Consulting Club a couple of months ago but I wasn’t there that month.  I had the project in the stack to do, and I finally finished it.  I have a hugestack of this work on so I will be creating them.  Stay tuned!