Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Make Stuff

Hi!  This week I have been crafty as in I made Birthday cards.  I love sending and receiving Snail Mail.  I know it brings a smile on whoever face.  I now I even have a Pen Pal from Australia. Remember Pen Pals? They are back! Yes I do love snail mail.  In the past I have made many cards, calendars, wreaths, banners and more. For five years I was a Close To My Heart consultant, but I stopped two years ago. I got tired of selling stuff. I am not the best direct sales person around.

Here are the cards I made this week.  They are a Close To My Heart kit from two (?) years.

Enjoy!  That is it for today.  Stay cool!  It is only 109 F today. It is way better than 123 F on Monday. The weather in the desert sucks in the summer. Oh why am I here?  Why?

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