Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been at home a lot, actually too much., because Shane developed a fever on Sunday, and have to stay at home all week. On Monday Pat started feeling sick too. During the time at home, I baked two hams and stuffing for Shane's Kindergarten feast. I am sure they were yummy, but we (Shane and myself) didn't get to taste them. I am currently cutting paper for the Christmas cards in a can for my friend Julie who is visiting from Oregon. She ordered two sets, and the paper is a pain to cut even though I have the cutting guide. Before she came, I was able to finish the Twitterpated Workshop of the Go, and should work on the Jingle Workshop on the Go. I will post pictures later. They are both very cute and detailed, but at the same time easy to do . I am always learning new techniques. I love it. My friend Mary is hosting a party of December 2nd, and they would be awesome to show at the party.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Allison and I walked the Turkey Trot 5K on El Paseo early this morning. We finished within 52 minutes - I am proud of us. I need to take a shower so we can go to Allison's sister's house for dinner. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Green Christmas Cards in a Decorated Can

This is the final post for today. I made these cards for the class I had on Sunday, and I am offering another class on Saturday, November 28th if you are interested. These cards are green rather than red. I personally like the green more than the red. I made the red and green set to be donated the to St. Theresa's Fashion Show. The Fashion Show is Thursday, December 3rd. I hope they make the school money! Please tell me which ones you like. Red or green?
I made these cards using the Shining Star stamp set. I also used Holiday Commentary, Peace of Earth, and Holiday Trinkets stamp sets for the miscellaneous sayings of the cards. I used Olive, New England ivy, Cranberry card stock and Evensong Level 2 paper packets. Finally I use the Greeting Card Workshop found on pages 110 through 115 in the "Wishes" book.

Twitterpated Cards from the Kit

These are the cards I made for a class that I taught last month. I used the Twitterplate Kit sold by Close To My Heart. These kits are so easy; they give you everything you need. This kit came with that cute hedgehog stamp set. Actually that cute hedgehog forced me to buy the kit even before I became a consultant. Ha Ha! Forced? Yeah right!

Fall Bottle of Candy

I made this bottle to my friends and my kid's teachers at St. Theresa's School. I think it was a hit! It uses an empty, clean Starbuck's bottle with some Sorbet and Cream card stock, and circle punches. I also used the "Many Thanks" stamp set, and Sorbet and Chocolate ink pads.

The Birthday Party Invite

I was asked by Miss Lindsay to make a set of Birthday Party invites for a basket she was donating to the St. Theresa's Fashion Show. This is what I made for it. Remember I am new to blogging and I don't know how to charge the orientation of the picture. Sorry! I am still learning.

More Artwork

Hi Everyone!

I have been busy these last couple of days. I have been at home with my kids since they taking turns being sick. On Monday it was Shane, and he wanted constant entertainment. By the end of Monday I knew that he was definitely going to school the next day since he was bouncing off the walls and chasing Zeppelin, our dog. Then during dinner Jenan couldn't stop sneezing. I knew she would stay at home the next day. She stayed away from school the last two days. She is much easier that Shane; she can entertain herself by reading and reading some more. Since I was forced (Ha Ha!) to stay at home, I was to take pictures of all of the cards and projects I have done within the last months. These pictures are the completed projects using Close To My Hearts products. I have a ton using Stampin' Up products and Stephanie Buriel's awesome instructions. She got me into stamping and scrap booking after my stokes and the depression. Thank You Stephanie!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My New Blog!

We had a great day today during the Close To My Heart Christmas Card class. Here are the cards that we made and they all went inside this pretty decorated paint can. Beautiful!