Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Moya Moya Events

I have writer's block today.  Don't know why I just do.  I decided the write of the events preceding Moya Moya diagnosis and afterwards, aftermath as I call it.  These events will be blurbs not paragraphs. This shouldn't be that long - I promise.  These events mostly likely become the chapters of my book so bear with me.

  1. 1976 Migraines start and continue even now
  2. Patrick and I teaching here and overseas
  3. 2000 - Coming home
  4. 2000-2001 Jenan's pregnancy and birth
  5. 2003 Shane's pregnancy with a ton of problems and migraine city!
  6. Shane birth - December 5, 2003
  7. One hospital visit because of TIA's after his birth and before the stroke
  8. First Stroke on December 18, 2003
  9. A History of strokes in my family - my father's side
  10. January 17th to 19th - Hospital Stay
  11. Rehabilitation - Second Time
  12. February  - Released from Rehab and ready to go back to teaching
  13. March - Cerebral Angiogram and Moya Moya diagnosis
  14. Mid March - first visit with Dr. Neil Martin, my surgeon. Connecting with other patients who are waiting - truly amazing stories
  15. April 29th - bypass performed on the left side
  16. April 30th - second stroke - some time between midnight and 5 am
  17. Rehabilitation - First Time
  18. January 17, 2004 Grand Mal Seizure in the bathroom
  19. April 30 to May 9th - ICU for 10 days - serious speech issues 
  20. May 9th - Mother's Day out of ICU and a small TIA (my last one) affected my right hand
  21. May 11th - released from UCLA
  22. May 24th until July 29th - Rehab for the Third Time - so angry
  23. Early August - went on vacation to Oregon
  24. Late August - return to teaching Kindergarten
  25. September - Second surgery of the right side. Out of hospital in 5 days
  26. October to December 2004 - rested at home 
  27. January 2005 - return to work part time
  28. February, 2005 to June, 2006 - teaching Kindergarten with daily headaches and/or migraines and missing a lot of work
  29. June through August 2006 - trip to New Zealand and Australia with serious problems sleeping
  30. September 2006 - started my Master's in Education and dropped out quickly.
  31. Mid-September - my mental crash and burn. No more teaching for me.
  32. October to January - trying to find the right medicines for my brain and body
  33. December 2006 - Dad has Alzheimer's and moved him to Palm Springs
  34. January 2007 to now - Acceptance of being disabled and now retired per CalSTRS
  35. March 2015 - Bell's Palsy scare
  36. January 2016 to now - Working as a Substitute teacher for Palm Springs Unified 

I think I have a book.  An adult survivor and what happens after.  Now I need to start writing it!


  1. Oh girl, you've been through a lot. So glad you're here with us all. You're one strong cookie! Love that you survived so much!

  2. It is crazy and I am thankful to be alive!