Thursday, November 7, 2013

Changed my Blog Focus

Hi!  I know that you haven't heard from me in awhile.  I have been busy with my daily life and it is finally getting into a groove. I have been trying to add creative items to my spare time.  Spare time?  What is that?  I am now tutoring as much as I can possibly can - six days a week from 2 pm and on.  That plate is very full. 

Now I want to pursue my creative side like creating cards, scrapbooks. and home d├ęcor using Close To My Heart products.  I have not stopped being a consultant for the best company out there.  I want to add more.

Yes, you heard me right more.  I am more than a Close To My Heart consultant.  I am also a Moya Moya survivor, stay at home mom, and private tutor.  I wear many hats which I like some days more than others.  That is life. 

I was talking to my therapist like I do every Thursday from 10 to 11.  I love that woman - she keeps me sane and centered.  We were discussing my wanting to write or blog more.  I want to stretch my abilities like writing.  I was a much better writer before the strokes.  Now I want to improve that area.  I told her that I am reading blogs about writing blogs and books too.  I also downloaded a blogging schedule for 2014.  I am serious about this blogging stuff.  During this discussion we were brainstorming what I could talk/write about.  We thought of these ideas:  Moya Moya syndrome, my creations with paper, cooking and ways to save money.  I realized I could write about one subject a day, and Friday is a free for all. I will take the weekends off since I want to spend it with family.   Should I add anything?  I am up for suggestions. 

This is my thinking about the name change, or should I say a much longer title.  Talk to you tomorrow.