Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slow Cooker Chinese BBQ Pork

Oh my!  This recipe was a huge hit!  Jenan declared it the best pork she has eaten made by me.  I have a ton of good pork recipe.  I do have to agree with her though.  We only have one serving left, and Patrick got to take for lunch. Lucky Duck!  Or should I say “Lucky Porker”

The recipe used two new ingredients or new to me – Chinese 5-Spice Powder and Fish Oil. I am not a fan of fish.  While you read my blogs you will notice that I don’t post fish recipes. I like shrimp and scallops but that is it.  But meals with shrimp or scallops, I order from restaurants, because I haven’t mastered cooking them without them being tough.  The 5 Spice smells so fragrant and reminded me of cookie baking, since it is blend of anise, cinnamon, ginger, star anise and cloves.  I was nervous about the Fish Oil, but I couldn’t taste in the pork.  Both items I would use again. Not so scary any more.

The only change I would do next time is shred the pork like the recipe says, and let it cook one hour more. That way the pork can soak up the sauce!  I also might try the recipe substituting chicken boneless, skinless breasts and thighs.  We eat a lot of chicken!

Here is the delicious recipe:

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