Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am a planner - my life, our goals and weekly meals. Sometimes when I feel super industrious I plan our meals for a month.  That takes 2 days to plan and another 2 days to shop. I will explain how I do a monthly planning in another posting.  If I don't plan the week is seriously messed up, and/or we go out to eat. Horrors! We love going out to eat, but the food jar empties very quickly.

After having a horrible month with the crud and bronchitis ripping through my family, we are finally getting back to our schedule including Jui Jutsu at night. On Saturday I planned our meals for this week, and shopped at Walmart and Ralph's on Sunday.  To keep me honest, I will post our weekly meals every Sunday. Sorry this post will be two days late. I am copying so many other blogs that post the weekly meals. It probably keeps them honest too. Sooner or later I will learn how to highlight the meals and you can click the recipe that sounds good and get it.  I will also tell you where I got the recipe because create all of them. I am better at tweaking a recipe I found some place to my family's taste.

Monday's and Wednesdays are a little bit crazy because I tutor in Desert Hot Springs in the evening. I usually take Shane and Jenam to Jui Jutsu; stay for a little bit; go to tutor; and return to Jui Jutsu to get the kids; and go home to eat. Craziness!  

Here we are . . . The weekly meal plan

Sunday - Beef and Barley Soup. The recipe came from Taste of Home
Monday - Slow Cooker Chinese BBQ Pork with rice. The recipe came from The Stay at Home Chef.
Tuesday - Leftovers from Sunday
Wednesday - Slow Cooker Tortellini Spinach Soup. The recipe came from Gracie Road.
Thursday - Grilled Meatballs with Rice and cauliflower
Friday - Shrimp Stir Fry with Vegetables and Fried Brown Rice
Saturday - Swiss Mushroom Chicken with Broccoli Cheese Rice

Reading the menu I see that we eat a ton of rice.  I prefer flavored rice but my family likes to eat i plain.  Boring!  Give me some flavor like yellow or fried. Much better!

By the way Monday’s pork was “Da Bomb” definitely a keeper.  Jenan declared it the best pork recipe that I made.  That is saying something because I have a ton of yummy pork recipe. I will post the recipe later this week.

I need to sign off now, but I have lost part of this post three times, and I don’t want a fourth!  Have a great day!

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