Thursday, February 19, 2015

Plans for the Future

We decided to move when the kids get out of High School.  So we have another 7 and half years here in the desert. I know I said we plan on moving soon within 1 or 2 and a half years when now, but those plans have changed. Like when you make a big life altering plan, God laughed at it and throws a thunderbolt at your plans. Patrick and I have experienced that, but that is a whole other story or book.

Last week we were at a Mountain Gate, our housing complex, sponsored Wine and Cheese and we talked to Peggy about moving soon. What she said made us change our mind, or put off our moving plans.  She suggested not moving after Jenan is Freshman. Peggy’s family moved when her sister was a Senior in High School.  Her sister hated it. I believe she has a rough time adjusting.  

Three years when we left St. Theresa’s to Katherine Finchy, Jenan adjusted pretty well. Within a week she had friends who had similar interests like reading long books and less sport minded.  Shane didn't. It took him a good six months to be happy at Finchy. Thankfully in Third Grade he was placed in the GATE class and he excelled. He is happy now, but those six months it was heart-wrenching until he adjusted to the new school.

Patrick and I have been working our kids not hating us like we did our parents.  We listen, and enjoyed their thoughts and reasons for doing something. Our parents wanted us quiet and submissive, which we strive to not be like. That is why we decided to wait.

Also, that gives us more time to explore where we are moving to.  7.5 years to pay off the debt; explore states and maybe countries; and save to buy a house with land.  

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