Sunday, February 15, 2015


Pat and I have itchy feet. When we are like to this, we either go on a trip (France) or move (El Salvador and Bahrain).  Move is the answer now.  It all comes down to not wanting to live in the desert any more.  Today is supposed to be 82 degrees and that is the forecast for the week. Really? It is February, and I had to turn on the A/C yesterday.  I hate that bill.  I do love the 60’s and 70’s with the windows and doors open.My brain works the best at those temperatures.  I can tell when the temperature in the house is 79 and higher – super sensitive! So why do we live here? Good question! Living here has been good, but we need to move on. 

We are planning on moving in a year and half, or two and half, to who knows where.  Eastern Oregon and Washington, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming are looking good.  It all depends where Pat can get a job.   My kids and I will get our pension no mater where we live, which is nice. I still want New Zealand, but if something happens globally we think we need to be in the States. I am determined to revisit New Zealand and Australia in my lifetime.

What do I want?  Good question and it is has been rattling around my brain and in my thoughts lately.  Here is my list:
  • ·         Land and a House
  • ·         Garden
  • ·         Chickens and a Goat – eggs and goat cheese. Yum!
  • ·         Pretty
  • ·         Four Seasons – what a thought!?!  Not nice, straight to hot, hotter and hottest
  • ·         NO DESERT – I am done with this heat.  We have been living in heat for 18 years between here (beastly hot); Bahrain beastly hot and HIGH humidity with no rain; and El Salvador hot and humid with rain.  Give me a little snow and rain – blessed rain!
  • ·         Ability to travel – again I want to return to New Zealand and Australia
  • ·         Lower Cost of Living
  • ·         Family Oriented
  • ·         Trees
  • ·         Rain and Snow
  • ·         Safe
  • ·         Basement and a Porch
  • ·         Fireplace with is wood burning
  • ·         Nature for hiking and camping with a cot for me to sleep

My wants are not too much.  I would love to have a lower cost of living.  That would mean paying off our credit card quickly and save for travel again.
We do have plans for a road trip this summer to visit Oregon, Washington, Idaho and probably Utah.  The dogs will be at Heather and Billy’s house so we don’t have to worry about them.  Thank God for awesome friends and neighbors to watch the house. 
I think am done ranting for today.   I still need to finish my Valentine cards – I know late!

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