Friday, January 2, 2015



That is our word for the year – Healthy!  Healthy weight, life, cooking, bank account and the list goes on.  Today marks a good day – we paid off our personal loan.  Yeah!  Now we start on the credit card and save for a house and/or a trip.  Hopefully both.  We also want to look for another place to live. I mean out of Palm Springs.  Right now we don’t know where, but we want seasons and land. Pat wants Oregon, Idaho, and Montana or somewhere in that region. I want New Zealand or Australia.  I just want what is best for us and the family.

I am making changes in my life that will help center me on my focus.  Again it is Healthy, so I want to start walking, drinking water and eating better: more veggies and fruits, and less cheese. I also stop selling Close to My Heart.  My heart is not into it any more. I will continue being crafty, but more selfish.  I want to focus on my family’s scrapbook and cards to the rest of my family. We have been to so many marvelous places and met great people, but it is not in a book.  I am making it so. I will continue tutoring though, but only take the clients I like.  I am getting selective now. 

I am now focusing on photography – taking great pictures.  I started taking a photo a day through an app called Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim.  They give me a prompt a day and I upload the picture every day to the site and FB, and now to my blog. Here is my picture today. It is to be “something yellow”, and I chose the lemons on our tree outside. 

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