Thursday, July 7, 2016

Weight Watchers Keeps Me Accountable

Weight Watchers Keeps Me Accountable

In this picture are my fabulous friends that I met through Weight Watchers.  Becky is in the middle and I met at our first meeting with the famous Jeff almost 10 years ago.  Becky, along with her husband Joe, are Lifetime Members alas I am not. Not even close.  Most of the time I go to WW at 9:30 on Wednesdays to see my friends and listen to Beverly our leader.  It is a highlight of my week except those days that I schedule a massage or take a Card Class.  During the summer I go to my Card Class so I can be creative with my friends. Normally I craft solo which can get boring.  My fellow WW friends at the meetings keep me motivated  and help keep me pumped up in the my weigh loss journey - the horrible slow journey. I didn't gain it fast and I am definitely losing it quickly - slowly just like the tortoise and hare fable. I will keep you posted on my weigh loss and gains, because I am not perfect.

Yesterday I went to WW and thankfully lost 1 pound - I will take it. To be honest I don't follow the WW plan any more. My new diet is called HEAL. Basically high protein and very little carbs. I am allowed 20 carbs per day.  It is a lot like the Atkins diet.   No sugar with a lot of protein and salads which I can do. When I followed WW I didn't lose the weight. I loved my sweets, fruits and great bread.   Plus now I am a diabetic, and really need to get my weight off.  All of my meds have the side effect of weigh gain.  That includes cholesterol, high blood pressure and keeping my mind sane.  I need those meds especially the sanity meds.  It took over 6 months to find the correct balance of them.  I call it my sanity cocktail.  This is the ONLY cocktail I have because those meds and alcohol really don't mix well.  Well you call throwing up in the middle of night after drinking one glass of wine fun. I don't.  I throw up off my migraines. That is enough.  Back to my diet . . .

Even I don't their diet I continue going to WW meetings because I need to see my progress. The weekly weigh in keeps me on the weigh loss plan. The best part is I see my friends there.  That is always a plus in my day.

Have a great day!  I am getting my hair and finding another bathing suit.  Mine doesn't fit, so I can't go to water aerobics.  During our horribly hot summers, I can walk in the air conditioned mall or do water aerobics. I am trying to do both,  Therefore I need a bathing suit. Today is not a bad temperature for Palm Springs - only 106 F.  

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