Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Crave a Change

Craving a Change

This week I have been unsettled.  I want a change. I want summer to be over so I can resume subbing and earning extra money again. All of the subbing money I earn will go towards getting rid of the debt. I want to start seriously saving so we can travel and buy a house somewhere not in the desert. I know a lot of “I want”.   Patrick has to retire – minor detail.  We are going to look into early retirement once school starts again.  School starts in less than a month.  I am writing it here because my family would be horrified about my wanting them back at school.  Patrick just started his vacation this week. He thankfully taught summer school because we need the extra funds for the Back of School clothes and supplies.  I think this will be the final year of teaching summer school. He is getting a tad burn-out on teaching. He needs his summers back.  I am hoping that the mini vacation next week in Flagstaff will help with my being unsettled. God I hope so.  

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