Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been at home a lot, actually too much., because Shane developed a fever on Sunday, and have to stay at home all week. On Monday Pat started feeling sick too. During the time at home, I baked two hams and stuffing for Shane's Kindergarten feast. I am sure they were yummy, but we (Shane and myself) didn't get to taste them. I am currently cutting paper for the Christmas cards in a can for my friend Julie who is visiting from Oregon. She ordered two sets, and the paper is a pain to cut even though I have the cutting guide. Before she came, I was able to finish the Twitterpated Workshop of the Go, and should work on the Jingle Workshop on the Go. I will post pictures later. They are both very cute and detailed, but at the same time easy to do . I am always learning new techniques. I love it. My friend Mary is hosting a party of December 2nd, and they would be awesome to show at the party.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Allison and I walked the Turkey Trot 5K on El Paseo early this morning. We finished within 52 minutes - I am proud of us. I need to take a shower so we can go to Allison's sister's house for dinner. Have a wonderful weekend!

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