Monday, April 3, 2017

Fell Off the Face of the Earth

Yes it has been almost a year since writing last.  A ton of changes happened - both good and bad.  That is life. Right?  I want to start writing again mostly for myself.  This blog will still have posting about Moya Moya syndrome, recipes and crafts but different at the same time.

The last posting we were going to Flagstaff, Arizona.  That was a great trip! Very pretty - lots of trees and weather!  What is that? Rain, thunder and lightening.  Living in the desert we don't get weather - just hot and hotter. Flagstaff's elevation is 7,000 feet so it has much better weather and landscape than we have here. We saw the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and Wilsow.  Think of the Eagle's song. Jenan was taking a Visual Corps training at Northern Arizona University so she is in none of pictures. I think we will have to do the trip again with Jenan.

My word for the 2017 year is HEALTHY - healthy body, mind and bank account.

Right now my focus is my health.  A year ago the doctor said that I have diabetes and we will monitor it with my diet.  Yeah right!  I didn't change a thing.  Stupid me!  I am paying for it now.  I went to my GP about a month with numerous complaints, mostly I have psoriasis on my scalp bad! I just want to scratch my head all of the time.  Well, when I saw the doctor she chewed me out big time!  Didn't like that I gained weight when I was supposed to lose it. She wanted my labs stat, but of course I waited a week.  I was afraid what they would show (diabetes).  Of course they showed my sugars were up in the diabetic range.  Long story short, I now take glucophage; check my glucose levels every morning and change the way I eat.  I eat high protein (high fat) and low card (less than 20 carbs a day).  It is amazing how many foods are high carbs.  No bread, pasta, candy, starchy vegetables (potatoes) and most fruit.  These are the items that I love. I am allowed half of an avocado a day.  The main downfall I can't bake any more. I love baking!  I am showing Jenan how to do it.   Patrick doesn't know what to cook for dinner now.  We are still working the meals out.  Thank God I plan the meals out.  Tonight is pulled pork sandwiches, french fries and salad.  I will eat the pork and the salad but no fries or bun. I am using no carb BBQ sauce by Walden Farms but the family doesn't know that little bit of change.  Walden Farm's products taste pretty good.

I would be lying that this has been an easy transition.  Depressing is what it is.  I am slowly coming out of my depression.  I have to stop beating myself up.  From now on this is my life. Another trial,  Not that having Moya Moya syndrome, migraines, unable to work much, and now diabetes too is enough.  The good thing I am losing weight - 11.8 pounds so far.

I need to stop feeling sorry for myself.  I am signing off for now.  I will write more regularly because I find it therapeutic.  I promise to still post about Moya Moya syndrome; more pictures of items I have made and recipes low carb. Hopefully I can help someone else. That would make me feel better!

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