Sunday, July 6, 2014

Zaycon Foods

Now here is an interesting meat fact. I am starting to buy most of my meat from Zaycon Foods. They sell farm fresh, no hormones added chicken, ground beef and more. The meat is sold in 40 pound cases. Yes 40 pounds! I started with bacon which I split with a friend. In early June I bought chicken thighs, and my friend bought wings and thighs. The thighs are meatier, and we are going to double the order next time. Since I drove she gave me some wings that I used in the wing recipe. I didn't have 3 pounds of wings, so I had to buy some from the grocer. The Zaycon wings were much meatier than the ones from the grocery store. You do have to watch out for feathers, because Shane got one! I think next time they sell wings I might get some, because my family loved them that much.  Chicken Breasts are on sale next! I am getting two cases (80 pounds), and I hear they are huge! If you are interested in getting meat from Zaycon here is my referral link: I get a discount on my order, when you place an order from them.

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