Saturday, August 13, 2011

Major Ooops!

Hi All! I wanted to share and show Shane and my major oops! These are supposed to be snickerdoodle cookies and it is a huge pancake - Shane's words. I have to agree with him. This summer I have been cooking up a storm. Two reasons: I wanted to find easy recipes that my family likes. The other reason is we are on a budget and it is much cheaper that eating out. Don't get me wrong. I love eating out but it is super expensive even McDonald's. Pat and I also realize we are better cooks than about 90% of the restaurants we go to. So I am cooking more. I don't usually post my goofs but they are part of reality. The kids says they taste good but they are very flat. I followed the recipe in my cookbook. I looked up the recipe on-line and they have you chill the dough for an hour and ours didn't. So I learned that you must chill your dough for Snickerdoodles.

I will post pictures of the Halloween box tomorrow. I promise!


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