Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dave Ramsey books

I have been reading a ton of books regarding getting out of debt. Yep, we are in debt, and it is looming over my family, especially me. I just finished Dave Ramsey's "The Total Money Makeover" and now reading "Financial Peace Revisited". If you have not heard of these books, check them out from the library. He and his wife made millions on real estate, and then lost everything when it crashed and they overspend on everything. He got out of debt finally and now making millions again. A lot of his classes are taught through your church, and it is interspersed with Bible quotations. Basically he talks about getting rid of your debt, and using cash for everything. Yes, everything. At the end of this journey, anyone can become wealthy. We are trying to adhere to his principles but it is really quite hard at times. Sharon Ramsey, Dave's wife, says if you want become wealthy, here are some basic rules: 1. Set up a budget 2. Do not overspend. 3. Stick to the budget. 4. Buy the basics. You will be able to afford the best later. 5. Save, save, save. I think the hardest part, is this month is a big one: Shane's birthday and Christmas. In the past I have always overspend, sort of like my mother when we were kids. I can't this year and my kids know it. Shane wants to spend his birthday with us only, and we are going to Farrell's, paying in cash of course. We have asked him if he wants a friend but no. In regards to Christmas, I h=am using gift cards to buy the presents. I used Swagbucks and redeem my points for Amazon gift cards because you can buy almost anything on Amazon. Wish me luck. Talk to you soon


  1. Hi Paula! Thanks for sharing this! You are so not alone...we have debt too...working our way out slowly but surely. You've inspired me to want to read Dave Ramsey's books. I know many who follow his principles and agree that his ideas are really helpful. Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I'm thinking of you and am happy to see you blogging again! :)

  2. Hi Paula! I have heard so much about Dave Ramsey, from my friends and from my pastor at church. I've looked up his online information as well! I think the hardest thing for Matt and I is sticking to a budget. Even when we have left over money for the month, we are the worst about saving it. It's so frustrating. I wish you luck in your debt free endeavor. Keep us updated- I'm looking to you for inspiration!