Monday, May 13, 2013

New Calendar

I bought a new school calendar a couple of weeks ago, and I finally put all of my dates and birthdays in it.  I love new calendars.  To me every summer and definately September  are a new start of the year.  Once a teacher always a teacher.  I don't feel as excited in January - it is not the same thing.  June is the end of the year, and it starts again in the summer.  That is just me and all of the other teachers out there.

Today is the last day of helping HS students pass the high school exit exam.  I started at the beginning of the month.  I feel like it is too late for them.  I tried.  I realize that my body and brain doesn't like "being on" for 3 hours 3 days of the week.  Last year when I was homeschooling a student was very difficult for me, but that was 24 hours if I was lucky. I am constantly trying to find balance in my life.  I need to be here for my family without a migraine.  I am still trying after more than 6 years of being disabled, maybe I will learn sooner or later. 

I had a great Mother's Day.  Julie came for a visit, and we just hung out the whole time.  We caught up on Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest and Elementary.  Those are some of my favorites plus CSI and Body of Proof.  This is the last season for Body of Proof - it was canceled this weekend.  We are great food. Mario's and Mexican food on Saturday.    Breakfast of bacon and pancakes; Panera for late lunch; and Brie and good bread for dinner.  I of course hurt myself.  What would be a Father's Day or Mother's Day without an injury?  Usually it is burning myself on the stove, but yesterday I cut my finger with a sharp knife.  At least I didn't have to go to Urgent Care like I did for a past Father's Day.  That sucked!  Overall the weekend was a great one.  Next weekend the family is coming here for Shane's First Communion.  I need to get ready for their coming as in cleaning the heck out of the house.  A little bit each day!  If something doesn't get done we will live with it!  I am rambling again - at least I am writing. More later.  I need to post some layouts of Virginia and DC I did using Studio J. So fun, easy and quick!

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